¡Aventuras de un padre y su hijo (con autismo) en tandem!

What is Pushing Limits?



Pushing Limits is not just a cycling team, but an attitude; a life decision that we adopt as a family. The one of a father and son with autism, who like to share their adventures in tandem. 

We do not want to be the best, we do not want to be number 1, we just want to be the best version of ourselves. 

Riding in tandem is where we achieved this. That’s why we call our team ‘Pushing Limits Tandem Team’.

Pushing Limits Tandem Team

About us?


 We do not want to be the best, we do not want to be number 1, we just want to be the best version of ourselves. 

What do we dream?


 Riding a bike is what we like doing most. We dream of being able to travel the world and being able to spread our message everywhere. 

The press loves Pushing Limits


Because it is a story that reaches people's hearts and is a very good example that it can be done with love and perseverance.

Why support Pushing Limits?


We have found that by sharing our adventures we inspire other people to dream of a better life. 

What do we need?


There are several things that we need but we know that pedaling will help us to achieve. 

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About us?


Juan Zemborain

I am the youngest of four brothers. I grew up in San Isidro, playing in the street. Since I was a boy, I used to go to Labardén school by bike with friends and challenged myself to do the most of the trip without hands. 

Golfer by inheritance, at approximately 16 years old I reached 7 handicap in the Jockey Club.

As a young man I had my first experiences of cycling with friends through Torres del Paine (Chile), Calafate and El Chaltén and the Seven Lakes in Neuquén.

After finishing my secondary school, I began to study Business Administration at the UCA but then decided that I would take a different path. I graduated as an architect from the UBA and worked for several years in one of the best architecture studios in Argentina: Antonini Schon Zemborain y Asociados.

In 2002 I was one of the founders of My Special Book, a family publishing company dedicated to making bespoke books in private editions, with books published in 5 different languages and in many countries around the world. In 2006 we won the first prize in the IAE Naves Competition among 80 projects. I am currently working in this company where I developed a vast experience in editorial design, printing and bookbinding.

I am the father of Ana, 19, and Santiago, 15. I consider it very important to develop the spiritual side of life. I do this through courses and spiritual retreats.

Thanks to my experience in image processing, with Pushing Limits I am penetrating deeply in social networks. It is through these networks that I make this adventure known in our lives, where we connect with the people who follow us, support us and encourage us to continue pushing our limits every day a little more.
Recently I was invited as a speaker at TEDx Río Cuarto that will soon be published.


Santiago Zemborain

He was born on March 13, 2003 at the Italian Hospital. At 20 days of age the umbilical cord did not fall and his paediatrician decided to do a blood test to rule out hypothyroidism. The analysis turned out badly, and as the FEID gave him the OK at birth, said that everything was fine.

At 10 months the doctor thought he was fine, but Santiago couldn’t sit down. We decided to change paediatrician who immediately discovered his hypotonia, which had maturational delay, and he began prescribing medicine for the hypothyroidism. From there, Santiago began treatment using early stimulation; It was a torture for him, but we just couldn’t give up, we didn’t know if he was going to be able to walk.

The diagnosis was PDD (generalized developmental disorder) an autism spectrum syndrome. Throughout his childhood up until today was a marathon of therapy and studies.

Since he was a baby, he went to Sunshine kindergarten for learning to integrate with other children. Later at San Juan the Precursor, until before entering first grade when we decided together with therapists and school directors to transfer him to a special school.

Luckily, we found his place in the Lucero del Alba where he did his primary school and then went to the CFI, which is a high school. There he spends several hours a day with his friends doing activities such as recycling, math games, music, theater, gymnastics, communication and baking bread. In a few years he will be making pastry for the confectionery of the school.

Because of his hypotonia I decided to buy a tricycle with wide wheels to start training. From there, he never stopped pedalling. Since he was growing, we changed to karting, bikes with small wheels, we changed the vehicles when they couldn’t support Santiago’s weight, I decided to throw out one and then the other. As I could not leave him on his own, I started to run by his side and at 7 years old I told him that we were going to cross the Andes mountain range at 15 years old.

In the last 16 months he walked 4,000 km in tandem. Now he is 15, and we are training to achieve this dream. 


Ana Zemborain

She is 19 years old, she went to the Santa Inés School in San Isidro and now is studying Labor Relations (Human Resources) in the UBA. She is a friend and a very spiritual and energetic teenager. She is our inspiring muse. Being a disabled child's sister is not easy, but she has expressed her love and approval by tattooing a tandem on one arm. Anita is a fundamental part of Pushing Limits and helps us with the management of social networks.

What do we dream?

Riding a bike is what we like doing most. We dream of being able to travel the world and being able to spread our message everywhere.

We already fulfilled some dreams such as touring the Costa de Buenos Aires from Mar del Sur to Pinamar, pedaling through the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the Calchaquíes Valleys.

Our first big challenge is to cross the Andes in December and shoot a documentary.

We want to be able to go where we are invited to pedal, from bike rides to tandem races, not to win but to always go a little further. We want to be able to run races like the Fondo de Bs.As. that are 100km and continue to add challenges. We want to do the French route to Santiago de Compostela in tandem, to go through the bikeways of Europe and perhaps later on to travel the world.

My son is now 15 years old, imagine what we can do when he is 20 or 25 years old. We want to show that we can have a happy and adventurous life, surpassing limits. That's why every day we want to go for more.


Why does the press like pushing limits?

Because it is a story that reaches people's hearts and is a very good example that it can be done with love and perseverance.

At present the news that abounds are the bad news and this is a nice news.

It is a good example to show that in spite of the adversities we can be happy, that even though we all have obstacles in several aspects of our lives we can get past them, surpassing ourselves.

In the case of dealing with issues such as autism, you can find many activities that people with this condition can perform.

In these times the word integration does not stop sounding. Sharing bicycles is an excellent way to integrate people. In tandem, people with different types of disability can go, such as autism, Down Syndrome, Blindness or Visual Decrease, among others. Parents and children, brothers, friends or just people who want to have fun.

In the environment of cycling, cycling and tourism our history is very well received.

Different top-level media have been interested in our history, such as Channel 13, La Nación, Clarín, El Mercurio (Chile), magazines and various radio programs. 

Why support Pushing Limits?

We have found that by sharing our adventures we inspire other people to dream of a better life.

It is a way to strengthen a father’s relationship with his children. At present there are many, separated or not, who cannot connect with their children and this is a very nice way to do it.

On the one hand, parents of disabled children of a young age see that they can dream of a happy future. Come to us so that they will be able to have fun, have fun and play sports with their children.

Parents of children and adolescents with different abilities who can be motivated to start whether this path be in tandem or practicing any kind of sport.

It is also a way to encourage outdoor life, to enjoy the country, the beautiful and spectacular landscapes in a different way, as a family and on a bicycle.

It is a way to show a more human side of your personality helping to promote a nice message, happiness, sport, adventure and improvement.


What do we need?

There are several things that we need but we know that pedaling will help us to achieve.

We already have the support of Ecoutdoor (Eurocamping) that gives us the clothing and all that equipment for camping. We also the support of Body Care that takes care of the cold and injuries.

We need in principle a tandem that will live up to our challenges, a lightweight, aluminum mountain bike. Also, we need a road bike for training and background races. There are not many brands that make them and the ones that stand out would be Cannondale, Co-Motion, Duratec and some more.

We could have one to start with, that we can change the wheels or covers of, and be able to adapt it for both.

We need equipment for waterproof saddlebags or bike packing adaptable to the tandem.

We also need help to solve NAFTA expenses, hotels and in some cases air tickets, in order to honour invitations to events or careers and to be able to carry our message everywhere.

We are also going to need financial help for the documentary on the crossing of the Andes Mountain Range.

We dream of one day having a van, with 5 or six tandems, and traveling the country sharing and testing other parents so that they can get rid of the fears of riding with their children in tandem. Therefore, continuing to promote the relationship between parents and their children through sports.

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